Pinterest Weddings: So, I won’t be getting my “wife card”.

Confession time: I have never pinned anything wedding-related on Pinterest, nor have I ever looked in the wedding section on Pinterest. This has not ever been a desire of mine at any point in time.

…..Am I going to get my lady card revoked now? #whatislady

A status from 2 months ago.

A commenter told me I would never get my “wife card”.


Me not planning a theoretical wedding when I haven’t even met anyone with whom I’d like to share that commitment with, on a website that often doesn’t have their sources listed with their images, means that no one will ever desire to marry me.

….Am I the only one who thinks that logic isn’t sound?

I mean, did anyone ever stop to consider that this is perhaps not a life goal for me, that I have actual dreams that don’t involve me committing my entire life to another human being? I am all for commitment, which is why I am often put more emphasis on my relationship with someone and our commitment for one another rather than on whether they are “The One”.

And I feel like that should be an approach everyone should take – Wouldn’t you rather worry about experiencing the relationship than stressing out about whether this is how the rest of your life will be? That’s what I’d prefer doing. This could last 2 months, a year, 8 years, 20 years, the rest of my life. Who knows. I want to live those moments presently, and without fear. And if one day that person I spend my moments with wants to make our commitment to be more official, more tax-friendly, that’ll be a conversation for that moment.

Until then, I’d rather look into MFA programs for Creative Writing, dream up design jobs, and leave marks over all of the countries and cities I want to visit someday. And if that means I will never have a life partner, so be it. I’d rather be myself alone than pretend to be someone else just to have someone by my side.


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