#ThrowbackTuesday: Ode to My Green Blanket

My mother was looking through an old flash drive of hers today, and discovered some old poems and stories of mine. They range from late middle school until my senior year of high school. Oh, what an unhappy child I was, attempting to get through puberty.

Trying to describe love’s unfortunate kiss when I had yet to experience it – and in some ways, I still haven’t.

The first research paper I ever wrote about Tine Howe. I wrote it for my high school theatre class my senior year. Who would have known that I’d end up writing another one 3 years later in college? Given that at that point that was my only theatre experience outside of my science club’s dinner theatre, I’d say it would have surprised some people.

These little documents made me blush, but it’s incredible to see how I started as a writer and how much has changed since.

Of the collection, here’s a poem I wrote my freshman year of high school (why hello there, 2007), Ode to My Green Blanket, which is about my favorite blanket from my childhood – and by childhood favorite, I mean I slept with it until college. Not even a little bit sorry.*


My green blanket,

My shield

against all evil,

Feels like it’s made

of  a unicorn’s

silky hair,

Its colors were once

as green as

a rainbow,

Now is torn

by never-ending


Smells like


and clean flesh,

It is a tapestry,

A tapestry of

my homes,

my memories,

my dreams,

my secrets,

Without it,

I have no future,

no love,

It is

my ballroom dress,

my winter cloak,

my bed,

my home,

It holds

my family

within its

bear claws,

What is

my lesson?

My green blanket

is life itself,




in one package,





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Brenna Renée Prather

Costume Designer. Writer. Artist.

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