About the Author

Growing up, Brenna spent much of her time writing away in her journals, working on her artistic skills within her sketchbook, avidly researching the legacy of RMS Titanic in her local library, and coming up with new and exciting outfits to wear to school.

When she isn’t drawing up new costume designs, researching new histories, or savoring the opportunities her recently-earned BA in Theatre Design and Technology from SUNY at Buffalo offers, Brenna is expanding her knowledge and abilities in the realm of writing. Still to this day, she writes in journals, and attends any writing classes she can. Recently, through her Life Writing class, she was able to create I am Mosaic. Hear Me Roar., an 11-page memoir about her relationship with her mother’s ex-boyfriend from childhood, through adolescence, and into her current era of being a 20-something.

For more information on her work as a theatre designer and artist, take a look at her portfolio here!

Stay up-to-date with her in-progress work and other such adventures by following @brprather on Instagram!


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